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Examining Society in “Country Driving” through the Lens of Indigenous North Americans

In Peter Hessler’s “Country Driving”, the author paints a vivid narrative of his experiences as a driver in the country of China. As he explores the foundational years of private transportation in the nation, he encounters a wide range of people, situations, and locations that he then documents in a witty style in his book. His travels are punctuated by sections that take a deeper look at specific situations within China, creating an overall picture of a country in the throes of change. However, the stark perspective that I took away from the book is how much the adjustments of China to the modern era mirror the changes of indigenous people in North America during the European Invasion. Both time periods and locations became arenas for newly emerging economies and migrations from traditional locations to growing urban hubs. According to Chitra Mukunnan, “Cultural awareness provides various levels of capabilities for understanding cultures (through cultural lens) and applying one’s unde…