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Native American Environmental Justice: A Summary

Abstract The problem of injustices of an environmental nature are felt with particular focus by marginalized groups. A summary of the specific response of native environmental justice (EJ) within the United States is approached here, first by reviewing the literature, then by providing examples of projects, and lastly by briefly assessing the challenges using the lens of globalization. The techniques, challenges, and projects regarding tribal governments and federally unrecognized natives could provide options for solutions if they are taken seriously. Native groups offer answers outside of the standard Western EJ methodologies. In seeking justice for marginalized groups worldwide, environmentally, these approaches may work on a larger scale to make those changes happen.

Environmental justice (EJ) is a narrower portion of the environmental movement, defined in the Britannica Online Academic Edition of the Encyclop√¶dia Britannica as the “social movement seeking to address the inequitable…