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The Meaning of Food

The idea that a group of people could be of like-mind on a small scale defined by their eating habits was never a thought for me until I moved to into my adopted brother’s house in Washington state and got to know my sister-in-law. I’ve had the impulse control of a preschooler ever since hitting adulthood when it comes to food. The struggle that was my childhood dining room table was reminiscent of Julie Alvarez’s experiences that she wrote about in “Picky Eater”. Alvarez’s essay touches on the way that food was a thing to be endured when she was a child, accompanied with rules and strict enforcement of them. As it was in my house, Julie writes about how “childhood meals at home were battlegrounds” (145). Growing up poor, the only “luxury” we had in my home was food, and my dad was insistent that we had a lot of it. My eating habits were a product of fierce battle over who would get more than one helping each night at dinner. I hadn’t met anyone else like myself in all of this time, …